Who we are

Tight Knit World is a group of volunteers providing practical assistance to local and overseas projects. We choose charities to support and contact them to work out what they need and what we can provide. We meet every few months to coordinate our activities and to decide how to support our chosen charities and projects. Many more people help by providing materials (wool, cloth etc), labour (knitting, sewing etc) and donations (of new or used goods). When we have a package ready to go, we take it or send it to the charity. Together we make a difference.

How we began

Tight Knit World began in January 2007 with an idea: One person can make a difference – Many can make a bigger difference! With this idea Julie Timewell brought together family and friends who agreed each would do what they could to support a range of projects both within Australia and overseas. Since this time the word has spread and there are a growing number of supporters and contributors!

What you can do

You can help too. Take a look at the following list for ideas on how to help:

Send Julie an email (see the contact us page) to let us know how you would like to be involved.

More information

For more information you can download our brochure or click on our Meetings Page:
Tight Knit World Brochure