This page will tell you how you can contribute to Tight Knit World by knitting, donating and other ways.


Knitted garments are a great way to support people. Click on the photos below to find the patterns. The patterns are graded from easy to more difficult. If you need assistance finishing any of these items, please contact us.

Knitted Squares

Knitted squares are used to make blankets of various sizes, which the Salvation Army distributes for babies or to street kids or homeless people. Knit as many squares as you like.
Julie Timewell, the Tight Knit World Coordinator, is available to sew together donated squares to make small and large blankets. Once assembled, she crotchets a border around the blanket.


Beanies of various sizes go to a number of charities and places such as:

Comfort Dolls

Comfort dolls are distributed through Knitting for Vulnerable Children of the World Group and through Wheelchairs for Kids. The little doll is easy to make. It has been proven that a doll is beneficial for a child’s emotional development. By simply making a comfort doll we can make a huge difference to a child’s life.

Trauma Teddy

The Red Cross distributed trauma teddies through the ambulance service, fire brigades and hospitals to children and others who have experienced a trauma. They are also given to residents in nursing homes. Julie Timewell, the Tight Knit World Coordinator, is available to finish trauma teddies once they have been knitted.
In 2010 we delivered 115 trauma teddies to the Red Cross shop in Bentleigh – an amazing effort. They are most grateful and sent us a card thanking you all. Special thanks to Elma, Margot and her Friday knitting friends, our chief teddy knitters. The teddies go to the ambulance service, fire brigade, hospitals, disaster centres as well as nursing homes for the comfort of elderly dementia patients.

Uthando Doll Project

The Uthando Doll Project collects ‘Sunshine Dolls’ made for South African children, who are affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. Tight Knit World is a collection point for Sunshine Dolls.

Guardian Angels

From June to August, Guardian Pharmacies distribute gifts of warmth and comfort to Aussie families in need. Pattern books can be collected for free from Guardian Pharmacies or online. Tight Knit World volunteers have contributed knitted clothes, blankets and teddies.


Tight Knit World collects a range of goods and delivers them wherever they are needed, for example:

Other Contributions

There are many other ways of contributing. Tight Knit World has grown by word of mouth. If you can assist us by putting us in touch with someone who may be able to assist us, please let us (and them) know!
We also rely on volunteers to help with the minutes of meetings, keeping the website up to date, helping out at garage sales and undertaking other fundraising activities. New ideas are always welcomed.